Backwards compatible blockbusters on PS5
Top 10 previous-gen titles to take advantage of PlayStation 5. And biggest disappointments.
Editor user photo: Gabriel de Silva
Gabriel de Silva
Game Resolution HDR FPS
The Last of Us: Part II ✅ Up to 4k ✅ HDR 60 fps
Killzone Shadow Fall ❌ 1080p ✅ HDR 60 fps
Horizon: Zero Dawn ✅ Up to 4k ❌ No HDR 30/60 fps

Killzone Shadow Fall

We seem to have little hope of getting remasters of the grittiest Killzone entries of the PS3 era, so this re-imagination from the PS4 launch remains the most modern way to experience the franchise.

Its design is a bitter-sweet reminder of what Killzone could be, and its gameplay on PS5 is somewhat of a disappointment. While the PS5 has enough juice to lock the framerate to 60 fps, resolution stays stuck at 1080p. It's the best way to play Shadow Fall, but a disappointing slap in the face to Killzone fans who can't even get a 4k patch out of Sony.