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Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Serviceable, forgettable. Especially with no story or characters to care about, gameplay and level design this simplistic is hard to care about. Unfortunate showcase of the unimaginative, lazy side of Nintendo, down to the sluggish frame rate. Your kids might like this, but you will not.

Disappointment Casual fun Technical issues Out now
Metroid Dread

The Metroid you know and love with Nintendo seal of quality. Unique atmosphere, familiar gameplay and beautiful presentation leave little for fans to complain about. Dread executes the Metroid template superbly, while innovation in the series is left for Prime 4.

For genre enthusiasts Must have Out now
Crossfire X

We never got Black 2, so might as well play this. Take it as an unintended love letter to 360 era shooters with a good framerate. Just don't bother with the multiplayer.

Casual fun Out now
Max Payne 2

Decent fun. Another necessary step in the evolution of the genre that has moved on. Max Payne builds on all the relevant aspects of the original in relevant ways. Modern gamers will still find an enjoyable evening and unique a unique approach to storytellin and gameplay here.

Freedom Fighters

In desperate need of remake. Freedom Fighters is somewhat of a historical artefact, but still worth a play-through. Immerse yourself in the setting, and give it some slack for the tight environments and unengaging moment-to-moment shooting. The fundamentals are still there.

Good value Recommended For genre enthusiasts
Mafia 3

Filler, not killer. While competently produced, Mafia 3 represents mid-2010s open-world design cliches more than its 1970s Louisiana setting. Busywork and padding detract from the promising story and gameplay that crave for more room to breathe.

For genre enthusiasts Casual fun
Max Payne

Still a decent play-through. The moment-to-moment gameplay mostly holds up, while the silly writing is worth a few laughs. Max Payne lacks the refinement of later entries in the series, but is in the basic curriculum for genre enthusiasts looking to understand evolution of shooters in early 2000s.

Good value For genre enthusiasts
Halo Infinite

Prototype of a great Halo Game. A showcase of what's undoubtedly the right direction for the series, the lackluster story and characters don't do justice to the universe it's set in. With the solid moment-to-moment gameplay already here, Infinite 2 with more solid tech and captivating story will be amazing.

Recommended For genre enthusiasts Out now

With a certain charm to it, Omno is not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon. But it's also a forgettable missed opportunity that didn't receive the round of polish it needed to stand out from the low-poly indie title crowd.

Casual fun Out now
The Ascent

Absolutely insane. Marvel at the environmental detail, cyberpunk atmosphere and amazing soundscapes while advancing through one of the most solid and engaging shooters in recent years. There are no rough spots to Neon Giant to patch, only fingerprints to wipe off their masterpiece.

Must have For genre enthusiasts Good value Out now

Direct sequel to Doom 2 from another timeline. While the it doesn't match modern Dooms in tightness of level design and richness in environments, Prodeus is one of the better efforts in the emerging genre of retro shooters even in early access.

Good value For genre enthusiasts Recommended Out now
Dead Effect

Maybe it's worth one or two bucks, but it's not worth your time. Even FPS enthusiasts with high jank tolerance will find it hard to pinpoint redeeming features below the rough, rough surface.

Technical issues
Black Mesa

Best way to experience a classic. Modern audiences can enjoy the gameplay and level design, while those of us who were there in 1998 get Half-Life as we remember it. It's hard to complain even if you wish for a total modernisation of the formula, at least about anything outside of minor technical blemishes like lack of HDR. Play it, if for nothing else then to understand the genre.

Good value Must have For genre enthusiasts Out now
Narita Boy

Imperfections in substance, but not in style. Narita Boy's excellent aesthetic direction and pixel art is enough to overcome slightly confusing environments and imprecise controls. You'll experience intriguing world exploration and creative enemy designs, with a more forgiving difficulty than some of the genre staples.

Good value For genre enthusiasts Out now
Blade of Agony

Both an amazing love letter to the start of the FPS genre, and a solid shooter on its own right. Minor frustrations of missing the occasional lever aren't enough to ruin the satisfying core game mechanics, the purity of which is emphasized further by the old-school aesthetics.

For genre enthusiasts Recommended
Dirt 5

It's a driving game. Dirt 5 has nothing remarkable or exciting going for it, but it's a decent enough driving experience with no glaring obvious faults or issues either. Players starved for next-gen content could do worse, but this will be nothing to come back to when the next genre blockbuster hits the market.

For genre enthusiasts Out now
Deliver Us the Moon

Intriguing prototype. The environmental puzzles and narrative might warrant a playthrough especially for fans of walking simulators, but Deliver Us the Moon doesn't have the production values it needs to capitalize on its interesting setting.

For genre enthusiasts
Enemy Front

Lame movement and shooting make this a bland old-school shooter. B-grade voice acting and general half-bakedness add to the charm, and I do want to play the game Enemy Front almost is, but CI Games should have leaned more heavily on the undeniable enjoyable aspects of this WW2 shooter comeback attempt.

Technical issues For genre enthusiasts
Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Suberbly crafted experience with barely any blemishes. From the uniquely flawless technical implementation of the unforgettable art design to tight, responsive platforming gameplay, this adventure is almost everything that Ori can be. When the credits are rolling with their background score, it's impossible not to be convinced of Moon Studios' talent and passion.

Must have Out now
Titanfall 2

Absolutely ridiculous, in a good way. Surprising effort put into the campaign seals the deal on this evolution of the basic formula introduced in the original Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment is squeezing the last drop out of the Source engine to deliver fast-paced gameplay that shooter fans should not miss.

For genre enthusiasts Recommended
The Touryst

More than meets the eye. The Touryst is a charming, quick adventure that's hard to criticize apart from minor camera and control woes. The gameplay structure is a perfect with for mobile sessions on the Switch, while the flawless visuals truly come to life on a big HDR screen.

Good value Recommended Casual fun Out now
Star Wars Battlefront II

Promising Star Wars title ruined by EA's obsession with in-game economy. Star cards make the gameplay and balancing awkward. The beautiful but static environments or incoherent story, even if filled with fan service, are not enough to redeem this mess. Anyone other than a hardcore Star Wars fan ought to give Battlefront II a pass.

Snake Pass

One of the most novel puzzle platformers in recent memory. It won't beat the likes of Super Mario, but this is a wholly unobjectionable game that's tough to criticize and easy to enjoy. Available on basically everything, tailor-made for short sessions on the portable Switch.

Good value Casual fun Recommended

Atmospheric walking simulator well worth the time of scifi enthusiasts. Not everyone will appreciate what Observer has going for it, but leaning heavily on the Blade Runner-style aesthetic and writing makes it worthwhile even if the gameplay is only skin deep.

For genre enthusiasts
Homefront: The Revolution

Not bad, actually. While the extremely condensed map and spawning issues detract from the suspension of disbelief, post-launch upgrades and DLC have turned this into a respectable sequel for shooter fans, even if it deserved more time in the oven. Turn up the FOV and graphics on PC for the best experience.

Recommended For genre enthusiasts Good value
Cat Quest II

Innocent fun. It would be a stretch to call the pun-oriented storyline or hack-and-slash gameplay memorable, but the visual presentation is solid. Works both as 15-minute bursts on the go or big-screen co-op experience that even less experienced gamers can enjoy without surfacing their inner sore loser.

Casual fun Recommended
Clive Barker's Jericho

One of the worst games of the 7th generation. Almost anyone is better off not suffering through the clunky, monotonic and slightly broken corridors and low-framerate action. Even the most ardent Clive Barker enthusiast should take Jericho in as an interactive novel rather than a video game, and set their expectations accordingly.

Disappointment Technical issues
Remember Me

Unique storytelling mixed with 7th generation action gameplay tropes has aged well. Remember Me's Neo-Paris setting and relatable protagonist stand out from the ground, even if the gameplay and level design don't. Still worth a play, especially with little hope of a sequel. Scales well on PC.

Recommended For genre enthusiasts
Metro: Exodus

Part Metro, part Far Cry, part jank. Metro Exodus brings welcome additions to the franchise without sacrificing the heart of the series. While not all areas of storytelling, controls and technology are up to modern standards, there's plenty of enjoyable moments in this unique adventure for genre fans.

For genre enthusiasts Recommended
Super Mario 3D Land

Decent platformer at home as a hand-held distraction. With short levels, time limits and nonexistent storyline, Super Mario 3D Land offers a peek into an alternate reality where Super Mario 64 never redefined the series – convincing players that we're better off where we are.

Casual fun Disappointment For genre enthusiasts
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Definitive, beautiful Star Wars adventure for all. Casual gamers must tune the combat system, but everyone can enjoy this freshing adventure's setting and RPG elements. Technical quality disappoints on weaker consoles. Hope for sequel that pushes the storyline further.

Recommended Good value Out now
Red Alliance

Not bad for a one man's Half-Life lookalike. For fans of Half-Life 2 era shooters, you could do much worse in the current market that's starved for content.

Good value For genre enthusiasts
Pikmin 3

More of what you like about Pikmin. The story is disappointingly short and could use a few more levels, but there's enough side content to make this a worthwhile package. Grab this on a sale for Switch.

Casual fun Recommended
Binary Domain

A marriage between Vanquish and Gears whose unique moments don't quite lift it out of the sea of 3rd person shooters of this generation. Genre enthusiasts can enjoy the quirks, gameplay and writing that ages like a cassette tape, but for most of us it's not much more than a decent shooter that's good for a few laughs.

Good value For genre enthusiasts Casual fun
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Must-have multiplayer fun lasts for hours, not days. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is great multiplayer fun for couples and groups that brings the players closer together. It ages like a good escape room, due to no fault of its own the illusion will ultimately break.

Good multiplayer Casual fun
Super Mario Odyssey

A case study in both modern platformer design and craftmanship of a beloved modern classic. Super Mario Odyssey lives up to all the hype and more. The insane volume of gameplay comes with no compromise to the unique design of every nook and cranny. Even the fan service manages to innovate. If you only play one thing on Switch on this Earth, this is it.

Must have Casual fun For genre enthusiasts
Jet Set Radio

The wonderful, jammy classic has not lost its magic. Play the original on Dreamcast or experience Jet Set Radio in gorgeous 4K on the PC rerelease. The music, the style and the craziness hold up and the gameplay still works despite the occasional confusing map layout. Hope for a JSRF remaster to complete the story.

Must have Casual fun Good value
SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics

When Sega sells this for €5-10, it's a steal. So many games from all genres for retro enthusiasts to enjoy and newcomers to dip their toes in. Get this mix plate of classics to understand your history and have some innocent fun. Good to have on your laptop on the go.

Casual fun For genre enthusiasts Good value
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

An interesting excursion for Call of Duty. Novel take on battle royale format that's fun for a while but will ultimately disappear into history as a forgettable blip.

For genre enthusiasts
Xenoblade Chronicles

This grandious must-have for JRPG enthusiasts will not attract those who are new to JRPGs. The quality-of-life improvements that help fans get sucked into the interesting storyline are not enough to help casual players enjoy the fun aspects.

For genre enthusiasts